Registration for the 2024 ExAC

  • Next Sitting : November 4 and 5, 2024

  • Registration Period : June 3 to July 12, 2024

Registration forms will only be available for download starting June 3rd and must be received by your provincial/Territorial licensing authority by July 12, 2024 at noon (local time). No registrations will be accepted outside this period.

Ordre des architectes du Québec (OAQ)

- Form available in the OAQ portal starting June 3rd, 2024

Ontario Association of Architects (OAA)

- OAA form available starting June 3rd, 2024

Other Licensing Authorities

- Form "Other provincial/Territorial licensing authorities" available starting June 3rd, 2024

Please make sure you review all the documents related to exam preparation on the preparation page.