Request for Review

For Interns who do not successfully complete any section of the ExAC, a formal review procedure is available. On receipt of a formal Request for Review, the Committee for the ExAC will review the examination and advise the Intern of the results. This decision of the review is final.

A Review Fee will apply to any Intern wishing his/her examination reviewed. If successful, the Review Fee will be refunded.

An Intern may make a Request for Review of a failed section provided that the request is:

  • In writing by completing the Request for Review form;
  • Accompanied by the required $300 fee;
  • Submitted to his/her home Licensing Authority;
  • Received by his/her home Licensing Authority within 28 days of the mailing of notification (ExAC Transcript) to the Intern.

In situations where there were circumstances or factors impacting on the Intern’s performance which were not reported at the time of the examination or concerns raised were not resolved to the satisfaction of the Intern, a formal Request for Review may also be submitted. In the 30 days following the examination session, the Intern must write a letter to his/her Licensing Authority explaining the circumstances.