Results of the Examination

The examination results will be mailed to Interns in mid-February 2023 in the form of a transcript issued by their Licensing Authority.

The results for each section of the ExAC will be identified as pass or fail. 

The examinee will not receive a score or a percentage. In the case of a fail score, feedback is given to the examinee on which General Objectives he/she may need to focus on as his/her results indicate he/she may be weak in these areas. No further details will be provided to examinees.

A cut score is used to identify pass/fail results and is determined by a panel of Architects with the examination consultants after the administration of the examination. The consultants employ various statistical models, designs and analyses for the determination of cut scores and to ensure that it is valid and reliable. The cut score is not published.

Note that you are allowed three consecutive attempts to achieve a pass on all four sections of the ExAC.