Tips for writing the ExAC


Read the question carefully.

Follow the instructions that you have been given. If a question requires you to provide an answer containing two points, provide only two clearly-identified points. Any additional points that are provided will not be read or marked. 

Write your answer in the space provided for it.

A limited amount of space has been provided for the answer to each question. It is therefore important that you answer in a concise manner and that you confine your answer within the lines provided. Write your answer only on these lines; do not extend it into the margins and do not place it elsewhere in the answer book. 

Examples of acceptable and unacceptable answers

Use the proper spaces when providing answers to sub-questions.

When a question is divided into two sub-questions, place the answer to each sub-question only within the space allotted to it. 

Show your calculations.

Where a question requires calculations, points are awarded for each step in the calculation process that leads to the answer. It is therefore important to show all of the steps in the process, even those involving only simple addition. Remember to write your calculations entirely within the allotted space.

Write your answer in a clearly legible manner. 

Make sure that your handwriting is clearly legible in order to assist the marker in correcting your exam. An examiner who cannot read your handwriting will not be able to award you any points.

Provide a clear answer to each question.

The marker only reads and corrects what you have written but does not provide an interpretation of your answer. It is therefore important for you to structure your answer clearly so that it is comprehensible to the marker. 

Erase properly any answer that you wish to change.

Erase any answer that you wish to change rather than crossing it out. In this way, you will ensure that there is sufficient space to answer the question within the allotted space.