Principal References and Resources


Each year, an update of the list is published on the website on the opening date of the registration period. The Committee for the ExAC does not guarantee the availability of all references and resources in bookstores. Some of them are not available in both official languages of Canada. Alternate references and resources related to the ExAC learning objectives may also be used to prepare for the examination.

Principal References

  • The Internship in Architecture Program, 2012, 3rd edition, Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities. 

Other References

  • Architectural Acoustics, 2006, Long, M., Elsevier/Academic Press, Burlington, MA (the 2nd edition should be relesed on October 1st 2013).
  • Architectural Graphic Standards, 11th edition, 2007, Ramsey, C., and Sleeper, H., The American Institute of Architects, John Wiley & Sons, New York.
  • Building Construction Illustrated, latest edition, Ching, F. and Adams C., John Wiley & Sons, New York.
  • Canadian Building Digests, 1960-1990, National Research Council of Canada, Institute for Research in Construction, Ottawa.
  • Concrete Masonry Handbook for Architects, Engineers, Builders, 2008, Farny, J. A., Melander, J. M., and Panarese, W. C., Portland Cement Association.
  • Environmental Acoustics, 1972, Doelle, Leslie L. McGraw-Hill, New York (this resource may be helpful but is no longer published).
  • Green Building: Project Planning & Cost Estimating, 3rd edition, 2010, RSMeans, Kingston.
  • Hanscomb Yardsticks for Costing (current version), RSMeans, Kingston.
  • L’art de bâtir, 1983, Volume 1, Modulo Éditeur, Figoli, Y. Outremont (the resource may be helpful but is no longer published and is available in French only).
  • Heating, Cooling, Lighting: Design Methods for Architects, 3rd edition, 2008, Lechner N. John Wiley & Sons, New York.
  • Les éléments des projets de construction, 10e édition, 2010, Neufert, Dunod, Paris (available in French only).
  • Management of Building Projects, 2004, Architectural Institute of British Columbia, BC Building Projects Committee, Vancouver. 
  • Metric Construction Cost Data (current version), RSMeans, Kingston.
  • Standard Construction Document CCDC 24 – 1996: A Guide to Model Forms and Support Documents, 1996, Canadian Construction Documents Committee, Ottawa.
  • Sustainable Design Fundamentals for Buildings, 2001, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Ottawa.
  • The Architect’s Studio Companion: Rules of Thumb for Preliminary Design, 5th edition, 2011, Allen, E. et Iano, J., John Wiley & sons, New York.
  • Windows: Overview of Issues, 1988, Rousseau, M.Z., National Research Council Canada.
  • Guide to Green Building Rating Systems: Understanding LEED Green Globes, Energy Star, the National Green Building Standard, and More, 2010, Reeder, L., John Wiley & Sons, New York.
  • Budgeting for Building Construction Projects: Guide for the implementation of the ASTM Uniformat II E1557 Standard for Construction Budgets, 2008, Chabot, Y., Trafford Publishing.
  • Estimation, 2e édition, 2007, Paradis, J., Beauchemin Chenelière Éducation (available in French only).
  • Commercial Renovation Cost Data, current edition, RS Means.
  • Assemblies Cost Data, current version, RS Means.