Retaking the ExAC

Interns are given three consecutive attempts to achieve a pass on all four sections of the ExAC.

During the initial attempt if an Intern does not successfully pass all the sections of the examination he/she must register and rewrite all the failed section(s) at the next session of the ExAC. If he/she fails to succeed at this first retaking, he/she will be offered a final attempt to complete all the remaining failed section(s) at the next session of the ExAC. If the Intern fails to achieve a pass on all sections of the examination at this final attempt, he/she will be considered as a new candidate for the examination and he/she will therefore have to rewrite all the sections of the examination as a First Time Applicant.

NOTE. For an Intern who is registered but is absent at an examination or who does not register to rewrite a failed section, that section is considered a fail.