Confidentiality Agreement & Compliance Requirement

Each Intern will be required to sign the following Confidentiality Agreement as part of the ExAC Registration Form. Here is the text of the agreement:

I understand that the content of each section of the Examination for Architects in Canada (ExAC) is confidential and subject to Canadian copyright laws. 

I agree that I will not divulge any questions with respect to the ExAC to any individual or entity.

I understand that the unauthorized possession, reproduction, or disclosure of any examination materials, including the nature or content of the examination questions, before, during, or after the examination by any method is in violation of law and this Confidentiality Agreement.

A violation of this Agreement can result in civil liability and/or action by the ExAC Committee.

I agree that, in the event that I violate this Confidentiality Agreement, the ExAC Committee may suspend my examination taking privileges, cancel my examination scores, and seek recovery in a court of law for costs and civil damages.

This Agreement does not prevent me from disclosing information related to the ExAC to my Licensing Authority.

I declare that I have read and will adhere to the conditions as set out in the ExAC Preparation Guide.