Cancellation of Registration

All requests for cancellation of registration must be in writing. If a written request is received:

  • Within twenty-on days prior to the examination there will be no refund.
  • More than twenty-one days prior to the exmination the Intern will receive a refund of 75% of examination fees paid.

Where it is determined that an Intern is unable to write all or a portion of the four sections of the ExAC as a result of Exceptional Circumstances, details must be provided in writing within 30 days after the examination session to the Intern's local ExAC Administrator. If CExAC concurs with the Exceptional Circumstances, the Intern will be provided a refund of 75% for the section(s) not taken and the overall time within the ExAC must be completed will be extended by one additional writing of the ExAC.

Exceptional Circumstances may include death in family, personal illness or unforeseeable difficulty, i.e. air, rail, auto, etc. Work related scheduling issues will not be accepted as Exceptional Circumstances.

The examination will proceed as scheduled regardless of weather conditions. Interns are responsible to make arrangements to arrive at test sites at the scheduled dates and time. Refunds will not be issued to those failing to attend the examination on the date and time indicated because of weather conditions.