Eligibility to register for the ExaC

To be eligible to register for the ExAC:

1. You must hold Intern status with one of the Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities and be in good standing (ie. not be the subject of a complaint or disciplinary proceeding or hold Provisional CACB certification) and;

2. You must have recorded hours in the Canadian Experience Record Book (CERB) and submitted them for review and approval and;

3. A minimum of 2800 hours must be approved. You will not be officially registered for ExAC without 2800 hours of approved experience and;

Note: The deadline to submit experience hours and your 2019 ExAC registration form is June 28th, 2019. Hours submitted after this date will still be reviewed by your Licensing Authority but cannot be reviewed in time in order for these hours to be considered toward your 2800 hour requirement necessary to sit for the 2019 ExAC.

4. You must complete and submit the Registration Form and pay the fee.